Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day To Celebrate

The buzz in the air was unmistakable, we ate a hurried breakfast and then walked down the street to our neighbor's house. She had baked coffee cake, my husband brought the french press down to make some more caffeine, and my friend next door had some yummy smelling banana bread. The younger kids played on the floor as we listened to the pre-speech festivities. Another neighbor rushed in breathlessly at 9:00 am to tell us that Obama was already president, since it was noon in D.C., even though he hadn't been sworn in yet. Tears and hugs, and then there it was - Obama saying the words and becoming the next president of the United States. Along with Aretha's hat and scat, Yo Yo Ma, and the touching image of Rev. Lowry seeing the completion of a dream he shared with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not so many years ago.


That called for an impromptu inaugural parade of our own, so with pots and pans and a joyful noise being made, we headed around the neighborhood, stopping at friend's houses and whooping it up.

Late that night I walked down to our neighborhood market and there was a veritable hugfest going on. People still in shock, still smiling from ear to ear. I gave and received a few more hugs for this awesome day. We all worked hard to make it so, and as President Obama didn't fail to point out, we have much more work to be done. For today though, we celebrate.

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