Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dark Days Dinner: Last of the Garden

We've been spreading our leaves over the garden beds, so I'm pulling up some of the last of the produce. I was surprised at how good the carrots still looked. I'm planting even more carrots next year if they're going to last this long. They tasted delicious, not bitter at all!

For this weeks' Dark Days Challenge dinner, we had hamburgers (local beef) along with some beets from the garden, the last of the purple carrots, and another pumpkin pie from our garden pumpkins as well. Unfortunately the frost got the beet greens (my favorite part) so we only had the beets to eat.

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Anonymous said...

Purple carrots are fun! Sorry about the beets though. I didn't know that carrots can last so long still in the earth. Is the ground frozen there?