Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Best Kind of Traffic Jam.

So the other day I got caught in a traffic jam.... at the doorway of my local bike shop. There were so many bikes going in and out that I just had to stand there for a minute and wait. How's that for a silver lining to the whole oil crisis??? Finally, our bike stores will be doing the kind of business they could only dream about years ago as they were getting edged out all across America. The bike shop guys said they've been just crazy busy for the last few weeks, with people walking in left and right to buy commuter bicycles. Yeah!

And both in real life and online in internet communities, I keep hearing about all the changes people are making in their driving habits. From sticking their kids on the school bus to running all of their errands on one day of the week to walking to the grocery store, it appears that almost $4.00 a gallon was the magic number to get people to actually change their habits. It does leave me scratching my head a bit as to why these things couldn't have been changed before we got into a crisis situation. I wonder what it is that makes people resistant to change for the good of all, but accepting of it when it comes to their own personal agendas. If you could figure that one out, the environmental movement could sure use to bottle it. But since I'd like to feel optimistic about something right now, it's that change is finally happening. Here's to the snowball effect!

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