Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Hundred Hen March

This week at our town's big celebration and parade, one parade entry will be the Hundred Hen March. They may well have more than a hundred hens as it seems every other house in our area of town now has chickens. Asa is planning on going, towing a couple of hens along (caged of course) in our bike trailer.

The purpose of the Hundred Hen March is to increase awareness of backyard chickens and the growing food sustainability movement. Sounds like a good cause and a fun time to me. I may have to make some kind of clever sign to march along with. What do you think of "Feeling Clucky Punk?"


Anonymous said...

I like this idea. Hope you have a great turn out

Heidi said...

I wish our town would do something like that... as it is, the two towns nearest to our place - Beaverton and Hillsboro - don't allow ANY backyard chickens, although people in Beaverton are trying to change that. There are so many benefits to living with chickens, plus they each have their own unique personalities - they are so much fun to live with!

- Heidi