Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This Is Our Moment

We just got done watching Obama's speech. I told the kids they would probably remember this moment for their whole lives. History in the making.

And the kids reactions to Obama's speech:

"He's sure being a good sport" (during the bits about Hillary)

"Wow, he's not pulling any punches!" (during the bits about McCain)

And... 16 minutes into it: "Was that a pick or a scratch?" (yes, we just watched that Seinfeld episode this week). I was totally ROTFLOL at that one.

I was struck again with what a brilliant and yet humble and honorable person he is. I will feel really good to have him sitting in the White House. I was happy to hear him address again our need to have good energy policies in place. Interestingly, I contrasted that with Hillary's speech from tonight where her only concession to energy was getting Detroit to make more fuel-efficient cars. Hello, the time for that was 30 years ago when Carter did that. We need more. Now. I'm glad that Obama realizes that, and I am hoping to see him follow up on it in a big way.

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