Monday, April 07, 2008

A Good Reason To Get That Garden In Soon

This op-ed by Paul Krugman at the NY Times about the world food crisis is one more step on the Highway to Scareyville that it looks like we're traveling down these days. It's funny that more people out there can't see how much the carpet is unraveling beneath their feet. In any case, one more reason to get that garden going this spring! It's been rainy all week, but hubby and I took advantage of a bit of a dry spell yesterday and got our new compost bin set up and half of our raised beds planted.

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Wendy said...

In a recent post on my blog, I mentioned, by name, the flour I purchase most often, and someone claiming to be from that company posted a comment. S/he said that the price of wheat per bushel had TRIPLED over the past year. Ouch!

I started my garden (cold tolerant plants only right now, because we actually do still have snow on the ground here ;) this weekend, too, and I agree. If we all don't take advantage of the time we have now to learn some lessons of self-preservation, we're going to be hurting in what's becoming a very scary and uncertain future.