Friday, October 12, 2007

Night Magic

One thing I like about having chickens is it gets me out of the house in the morning and evening, even when it might be cold and rainy and I would otherwise stay indoors. Sometimes on these evening walks down by the creek, magical things appear. This week it was a single leaf, hanging by a spider's thread in mid-air and lit by my flashlight.

The kids and I have been working hard to clear the ivy and blackberries from the creek and it is really starting to look beautiful down there. I love that the kids have a magical place to play in the woods, even if it is not very large. I remember from when I was a kid that even a small stand of trees seemed like a forest, and a creek was a river. They build dams or small forts down there. It's been hard work, but we've got about a quarter of our 1/3 acre cleared and will try to have it half done before winter sets in. This is one of my self-portraits for the 365 Days project. When I'm down there by the creek, it feels like I can remember the magic of childhood and the beauty of imagination. We just watched Bridge to Terabithia, and that is a book I remember fondly from my own childhood because we had such places in the woods full of magic.


Angie said...

We used to have the coolest forts by a creek when I was a kid.....we could get lost for hours there.

We used to cook frogs over an open fire (cruel, but true), catch minnows and split open hedge balls and roast them.....not sure if we ever actually tasted any of this, but we had a good time cooking it.

Love your 365 days pictures - I've thought of doing this, but don't have the guts. I don't enjoy pictures of myself!

Have a great night.

Wendy said...

This looks almost exactly like the brook behind our house where my girls play. Lovely, lovely place. They've been building fairy houses, and they spend hours down there playing and having fun. It's a little like a place I had growing up, and like you, I'm thrilled that my girls have such a place.