Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bike Friday Birthday

There was only one thing on my hubby's birthday list and that was a new bike. He's had the same commuter bike for years and not really liked it. After a season on our Bike Friday tandems, he knew exactly what he wanted: something sporty, comfortable, and foldable! As a pilot, he's often wanted to be able to take a bike with him so he can enjoy peddling around the different cities he finds himself in. Well, now he can! This is his new Bike Friday Pocket Llama, and he's really been loving it. It makes a commute to work (for him, out at the airport) into a joyride, and he's been piling on the miles. Don't let the little wheels fool you, Bike Fridays pack a punch. I even put one up against my triathlon bike, which is built for speed and found that the Bike Friday compared very favorably!

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