Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Climbing Back Into My Happy Bubble

Thanks to those of you who commented on my last post, it really helped to hear I'm not alone going through these feelings! I know I read an article a couple of years ago about how the suicide rate is higher among those who consider themselves environmentalists, and I believe it. It is easy to get sucked down into hopelessness, to be overwhelmed by fear or anger, to lose sight of the things that are truly important: family, friends, beauty around us, living in this moment. And I really don't want to become that kind of environmentalist. You know, the doom-and-gloomer who turns all but the most dedicated tree-huggers completely off by preaching, ranting, and railing at the current scenario or at what other people are doing. For one thing, I know that with as much as we do try to do, we're still having a huge impact on the earth. We still drive a car, though so much less than we used to, we haven't given it up. Haven't moved off the grid, haven't eaten a 100 mile diet (though we've eaten plenty of 100 mile meals, and trying to do more all the time.) So I don't feel like I can really be pointing fingers, and I know that's not the path I want to take anyways.

So here and now, I'm going to try to climb back into that happy bubble. After all, the positive energy we put out also has an effect, I really believe that. So I weeded in the garden today and fed the weeds to the chickens, who like to peck through them. I went by our farmer's market and got fresh local strawberries, honey, carrots, and picked some lettuce from our garden for supper. We biked on our tandems to the park and picnicked with friends in the evening hours. Life is good here in the happy bubble


Malva said...

You're not alone! There is alot of momentum right now, with two books out on the 100-mile diet, No Impact Man and the environment making the news like never before.

Check these for inspiration:

The Riot for Austerity - 90% Emission Reduction Project



And check Low Impact Week:


Jenny said...

Hey Robin,
Wow do I know where you're coming from. I can sink into despair just from channel surfing! It's worse for my husband than it is for me though because he has to leave the farm every day and see the "real world" and it's very hard on him. But I agree--what's the point of being an environmentalist if you don't stop to enjoy the environment?

From my bubble to yours,