Friday, December 03, 2010

Apples to Apples

This time of year, it amazes me how much fruit is left on trees around town. I wish there was a way to better hook it up with people who need food, since it seems positively shameful to waste nature's bounty like that. Yesterday I found an apple tree in an abandoned lot, just full of fruit. The leaves are all gone, so it looks like a Christmas tree except hung with perfectly bright red globes of fruit. I stuffed my jacket pockets as full as I could get them of the wonderfully tart/sweet apples, and I'm coming back next week with a bag. Applesauce anyone?


Amoya said...

I wish we had fruit trees where i lived in Austin, Tx. looks good!

Anonymous said...

You know I've heard of groups forming to pick peoples unwanted fruit for Charity. I thinks it's a great idea.
Have a Merry Christmas

Anna said...

Great idea, I always see apple trees around our town that are neglected perhaps I can start a group next year to utilize natures crop.