Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Extending the Gardening Season

Last year Wayne picked up some windows at a garage sale, and we also replaced our shower door so he had the old glass door to work with. He took those plus some reclaimed lumber and some newer wood and hammered up three lovely cold frames. There's already lettuce, radishes, basil, and some other stuff cropping up in them. I'm excited to be able to extend our growing season into the cooler months of spring and fall with these. It will be a learning process this year, so we'll see how they work out. In the 3rd one, I planted a couple of different types of tomatoes from seed. I've always grown tomatoes from starts before so that's another new gardening adventure!


Andrea said...

I want to get some of these! Are you putting anything in them this fall?? I want spinach!

Robin said...

I wanted to, but it turns out that we have to move them so I think I won't plant in them again until spring.

Andrea said...

I planted spinach in my sunroom today, thanks for the inspiration! I do want to try the cold frames though. I just hate buying spinach and chard!