Sunday, February 08, 2009

Join the Laundry Revolution

Line-drying your laundry has hit the LA Times, with this article today about "right-to-dry activists and blogging eco-moms... forming an alliance" to make line-drying acceptable and legal everywhere. You can join the fray yourself at

I love that there is a catch-phrase for both "right-to-dry activists" and "eco-blogging moms". That means there's enough of us out there to generate some change in this world. And really change, at least in the realm of laundry, is fairly easy to come by. We could cut energy consumption in our country by 6% or more, simply with a string and a few wooden clothespins, or a drying rack or two. It's astonishing in its simplicity.

So go on, be subversive today: Hang your laundry!!!


Doc said...

I blogged once about hanging clothes to dry, and how it's one of my favorite activities, and I wondered if that made me insane or something. Because I live in the country, and have lived out here for a long, long time, it came as quite a shock when many of the post comments included laments from readers who can't have a clothesline due to HOA restrictions. Now that's insane!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Yep... I love being a "right-to-dry activists" and "blogging eco-mom" what great stero-type to be included in.

I air dry year round by using a simple clothes drying rack. I use it inside during the winter and on rainy days and simply carry it out side when the sun is shining.

Let's all keep making a difference. Happy blogging.