Thursday, October 09, 2008

Home to the Harvest

It's hard to believe we've been gone so long. The weather has turned in our absence from summer to fall. Autumn is the hardest time to leave here, partially because it's such a lovely season in Oregon, and partially because leaving the harvest behind feels almost sinful. It was dang hard to walk away from my vegetables! I managed to put about 6 quarts of green beans in my freezer a day or two before we left, and my good friend thankfully threw some of my tomatoes in there for me too in our absence. I still have a bunch of tomatoes and peppers on the vine, plus plums and apples falling off of our trees, so applesauce and dried plums are next on the agenda.

I was really in awe of the gorgeous kitchen gardens in Italy, as well of course as the olive orchards and vineyards. I'll try to post some photos here as I sort through them all. We also had a wonderful time cycling through Italy, a country that really knows how to appreciate their cyclists! You can catch up with my journals and photos from our Italy trip, which I'm posting in installments on my Blue Skies blog.

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