Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Things Happening In My Home Town

One of the things I love most about my town is the fact that so many people here are awake and involved, working for change on all fronts - peace, sustainability, community, transportation. One glance at the "What's Happening" pages in our weekly newspaper shows the wealth of avenues we have here to become involved. From conferences on human rights to the annual Bicycling and Walking Summit to the "Clearcutting the Climate Conference, you literally have a whole handful of things to choose from in any given week to get involved in issues that really matter to our planet and community.

This week I saw an article in a local running newsletter about the Eugene Marathon "going green". Employing everything from a solar-powered finish line to Master Recyclers, the marathon here is planning on being as environmentally sensitive as possible. As a runner and athlete myself, I think it's great that people are thinking not just of their own experience in the lovely outdoors, but of the environment that they're running through as well.

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