Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feels Like Spring: Time for Big Plans

We've had unseasonably warm weather here, and spring fever is setting in. The seed catalogs have arrived, I've got new bulbs in the ground, my husband built up our garden boxes so they can be deeper for this year's garden, and I've got about half of the massive leaf pile moved off of our second garden space. We're also hoping to build a solar greenhouse addition on to the front of our house this year, giving us some indoor gardening and seed-starting space, some passive solar heating, and an entryway/solarium to enjoy on those cold winter days.

In the next six weeks, we should also be getting some baby chicks to fill out our flock again, and the kids are very excited about that. Now the sun is shining and it's time to go muck out the chicken coop (one of my least favorite jobs) and move some more leaves.

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Danielle said...

I don't know if you've looked into deep litter bedding or if it's viable out where you are (don't know how wet you are or if that would even be an issue in your coop). We do deep litter, which allows it to compost in place, and it's way easier, imo, than mucking out the coop. We clean it out once a year, usually late spring, early summer, and start over again, building depth for the winter months when it really helps keep them warm.