Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Time Playing Tag

I've been tagged by Jenny at Ironwood Farm. I'm supposed to list six weird things about me, then tag six people. This is going to be tough, because anyone who knows me knows that my life so far has been far from normal. You know, narrowing all those oddities down to only six might take some serious thought. Here goes:

1. I once lived in a beer vat

2. I have a legendary ability to endure pain (so much so that I worried I wouldn't know when I was going into labor with my first child, as it turned out it was a very founded worry)

3. My mother has sung on stage in a chicken suit. My dad has worn a pink tutu in public and danced to "Glow Little Glowworm". My grandma once ran out of gas dressed like a bunny rabbit. (I come from a theatre family and long line of nutcases!)

4. I still have the tattoo from my days as the guitar playing, mohawk-wearing frontwoman for a punk rock band

5. I can see in the dark (I was once pulled over for driving at night with no lights on, and I was still wearing my sunglasses) and can hear bats, flourescent lights, and other high-pitched noises.

6. I can bend all of my fingers at the top knuckle only.

I'm going to tag: Karen, Doc, Cheryl, Wendy, Danielle, and Christy