Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Garden Pics

All the raised beds are in, and things are growing really well. We've gotten a good number of snap peas, and planted more lettuce than we could eat. I haven't bought anything green from the store in weeks! The squirrels have taken all the strawberries (they'll be moved up to planters on the deck). Here's a couple pics of our new garden space. This one is taken from the top deck, looking down into the back.

This is the "shade garden", mostly perennial shade lovers, and I've added in some blueberries and huckleberries into this area:


Karen said...

Thanks for the pics of your garden, Robin - I've been wondering how it's been coming along. What else are you growing in there besides peas and greens?
And will blueberries grow well in the shade? If so, I have a great spot to plant some more next year! If you want to see what my little urban veggie garden's looking like, I've posted some photos on my blog today and yesterday:
Oh yeah, and I have a great recipe for Lettuce Soup (yes, really) that is quite tasty and uses up 16 cups of lettuce - let me know if you want a copy!

Robin said...

The blueberries that I planted in partial shade are growing better than the ones I planted in full sun. Go figure! I don't think they'd do well in full shade though. I love your veggie pics!! And will definitely get the recipe for Lettuce soup - sounds intriguing.